Few qualities which make the best undergarments

5 Panties Set at Rs.699

It might seem like celebrity stylists live in rarefied worlds surrounded by branded dresses, shoes, bags, and the like. While this might be true, the work of a celebrity style is far from easy and takes a whole lot of work behind the scenes. Their secret weapons? No, they aren’t quite as exciting as the dresses and jewellery, but a stylist’s hidden arsenal of seamless undergarments, chest tape, and nipple covers can absolutely make or break an outfit.
So now we know, it’s not hard to understand why we would wholeheartedly trust celebrity stylists with our undergarment selection and collection. We have just connected with a brand that includes bras, underwear, bodysuits, bra strap extenders, panties, adhesive thongs, and other outfit-saving items.
What When Who Wear asked about the qualities that make the best underwear, we would like to explain exactly what to look for: “Comfort(ease), laser-cut edges to avoid visible lines, and quality fabric that stays in place and flows with your body.” And yes, this brand offers all of this (and more).

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Clovia Spotted in Bollywood

Celebrities in our inner wear Nothing makes us feel better than knowing that even celebrities are showering their love for Clovia. We keep spotting some stunning celebrities wearing our products and killing it with their trendy looks. Keep scrolling to see who all wore Clovia and steal the celebrity fashion looks at an affordable price. […]

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Celebrities shop online

Innerwear: A thriving market in India

Gone are the days when innerwear was positioned only as a garment of requirement. Today, among the core apparel categories, innerwear is all poised to be a prospectively flourishing segment with a slew of comfortable and innovative products that have the modern customer spoilt for choice. Beautiful women and good looking men: we see them […]

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